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Kill Everything. Touch Nothing.

The definitive iPhone shooter, is the first truly synesthetic shooter available exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Audio/Visual effects like music, environments, vocal samples, and sound FX are mixed in real-time and triggered in sync with the music while playing. As intensity levels change so does the game world. also features a dynamic, sliding time scale where audio speed and pitch are warped in real-time when using the bullet.time hack. Hypercube hits, Teleportation and some Chain Reaction kills also trigger slow motion effects. 3l3tronic, aka. DJ Vitamindevo and Bianca Dino, stepped up to deliver pulse pounding beats, fills, breaks, and hits that create a fully interactive audio soundscape.


G4M3.411 //
At its core is a fast paced 2.5D shooter powered by an inertia based physics system much like the classic arcade game Asteroids. Fans of Geometry Wars will find a similar aesthetic and enemy behavior with a larger battlefield, fixed objectives and fluid parallax movement.’s audio/visual effects, gameplay and Rez like environment were inspired by Cyberspace as described by William Gibson in his award winning Cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer and Neal Stephenson’s vision of the matrix in Snow Crash.

K1LL3R.4PP //
In players control a highly maneuverable and lightning fast virtual ship in zero-gravity simulation inside an advanced computer Network. To hack each Node in the Network you must destroy the Shield Generators that power the Data Core defense system, then destroy the Core before it goes into Self Destruct. The System Admin will send out everything to stop your progress including Turrets, Drones, Ships, Trace Routes and Intelligent AI.

Use your fast reflexes, inertia based Zero_G_Translate and Laser Cannon Applications to reek havoc on the system, collect Ghost Data from shattered enemies and use it to hack the System Time scale. Dodge Enemies and/or Bullets, Attack an AI Turret or slow down the Self Destruct sequence, the choice is yours, but it is your most valuable Hack.


9 OF 10 / There were many mimicries of the classic-Geometry-Wars-action iDevice gamers longed for, spanning from Isotope, Nano Fighter to Light Wars. Each having their own strengths and weaknesses, none truly felt like a wholesome package. Out of the masses, one game was bound to get it right. It outlooks, outsounds and outclasses its competition by a considerable margin. This is a triumph you need to experience. Indie developers playing ball in the App Store really need to step it up because right now – All Ur Bases R Belong To CS.One. - Jeff Effendi

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MUST BUY! / This is hands down, the best shooter on the iPhone to date, rivaling even the likes of Geometry Wars itself. A cocktail of space shooters and the world of computer hacking, is definitely like nothing you’ve seen before. - Corey Appleton

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Circuit Strike.One is one of the best and most compelling App Store shooters in the non-traditional sense. If you desire a hardcore blaster for the casual play that packs depth, intensity, violence and twist, this is the one. - Christian Zibreg

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[CS.One] showcases some of the strongest UI work iPhone gaming's had since the App Store opened its doors (little surprise, as grenadier Shay Casey appears to have cut his teeth on UI design for games like Silent Hill V).
Brandon Boyer - Boing Boing's

Circuit Strike.One looks to be a potent mixture of Asteroids, Geometry Wars and Rez, theoretically combining the best aspects of each into one concept. If ever there was a recipe for success, this is it. The screenshots and video released so far look gorgeous, particularly because the background is a music visualiser that is affected by your in-game actions, actions which will also change the tempo and add fills to the music.

there’s one vital question you’d probably need to answer before you purchase this stunning shooter – do you want to die?
Jeff Effendi -

Every once and a while a developer talks about a game for the iPhone that really looks or sounds exciting. It’s that time again, because I just heard about Circuit Strike.One
Jake Gaecke -

Every once and a while a developer talks about a game for the iPhone that really looks or sounds exciting. It’s that time again, because I just heard about Circuit Strike.One
Jake Gaecke -

One of the most intense shooters available on the iPhone / iPod touch, it meshes retro style graphics with utterly fast and frenetic action. There are global leaderboards, achievements and a lot of other neat presentation bonuses in this.
Phil May -


June 13th 2009

1. Preload Data.Core – Fix framerate drop when the last Shield Generator is destroyed
2. Preload Player Ship on Level Start – Fix framerate drop when spawning the first time
3. Data.Core Health Bar – Brighter so you can see the remaining health on hit
4. New Data.Core Explosion – Fix framerate drop and eliminate some bugs on next level during garbage collection
5. Player Ship Brighter – Improved contrast for visibility
6. Slow Turret Bullet Speeds on Higher Levels – Improve frame rates
7. Max Shield Generators set to 6 from 8 – Improve frame rates
8. Add Bonus points for Skill Level – Solve Leaderboard “Rank up” issue
9. Cleaned up a Null Object Leak
10. Add “Slow Motion” titles for Hypercube Hit, Teleport and multi-explosion
11. Add Physics Update Selection – 1st Gen touch was trying to update at the same speed as the 2nd Gen touch
12. Add VFX Selection High Med + Low – Allow players to turn off visual effects if they are having frame rate issues
13. Disabled N00b bullets - (big collision area) after level 3 on Easy Mode
14. Double Ship Error - Added yet another condition trap to try and stop this bug!?
15. Fixed Achievement + Highscore UI Doubletap Issue - was returning to Main Menu
16. New Data.Core Hit effect – Fix lag from particle effects and instantiation
17. Fixed XP calculations
18. Faster Controller Polling – Improve input response time
19. Bullet.Time Pause – Fix bug where game would not pause

F34TUR3Z //
  • Real-time Audio/Video Effects Synced to Gameplay
  • High Speed Inertia Based Physics for Zero-G Control
  • Bullet-time Slow-Motion Game Mechanic
  • Hard Hitting Interactive Soundtrack by 3l3tronic
  • 3D Camera Based Menu System
    + User Interface
  • Wall Teleport for Evasion
  • Multiple Intelligent + Unique Enemy Classes
  • Fixed Level Objectives and Bonuses
  • Unlimited Level Advancement
  • Chain Reaction and Near Miss
    Combos + Multipliers
  • Ship Navigation Voice Overs
  • Hacker-speak System Admin Insults
  • 3 Unlockable Skill Levels
  • 30 Unlockable Achievements
  • Basic and Advanced Controllers
  • User Definable Speed, Rotation
    + Aim Damping
  • Career Stats Tracking
  • Local and Online Global Leaderboards
  • Skill Ranking and XP Point System
  • Multiple Factions to join in the global war for dominance

Circuit_Strike.One was created using Unity iPhone Advanced. Without UT, would not have been possible. Additional engineering and optimization programming was performed by Unity Studios.


Music by DJ Vitamin Devo + Bianca Dino
of 3l3tronic

Published exclusively by Chillingo, Ltd.

Developed by h.grenade games